Anonymously Yours Rules & Regulations

Feisty Rose ‘Anonymously Yours' products are meant for humour and good fun. They are not meant for ill intent or maliciousness. Messages are subject to review by Feisty Rose staff.

Feisty Rose reserves the right to refuse service should a message fall under the list below or for other reasons that fall outside the intended use of Anonymously Yours product.

Anonymous messages will be refused if they include:
  • Abuse (including but not limited to mental, physical and sexual abuse)
  • Discrimination of any kind (including but not limited to discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender or religion/spirituality)
  • Violence or harassment towards a person or persons

Refused messages:
If a message is refused the buyer will be notified and have an opportunity to edit their message. Should they refuse to edit the message, the product will be cancelled and a refund will be issued to their original payment method.